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How to donate to FBP

You can be part of Fundación Banco Popular’s efforts for a better Puerto Rico through your financial contribution or by giving of your time to do volunteer work.

The full amount, 100%, of your financial contribution will go directly to benefit non-profit organizations with programs focusing on education and community development. Banco Popular provides the foundation’s administrative costs to ensure that resources provided by the public and employees are directed wholly to the organizations we support.

The foundation makes sure to support projects that have established goals and proven results with a tangible impact in our communities. This is accomplished through an established evaluation and results measurement process in addition to ongoing communication with the organizations we support. Also, the majority of organizations have the support of a Popular employee volunteer that works closely with them.

To see the list of organizations we support, click here.

How to donate

Direct Donation

Use your credit card to make a direct donation to the foundation. Click here.

Donation at Branch

Visit your nearest branch and make a deposit to account # 014-430207.

Contribute your time

Be a part of the effort to serve others. A volunteer is a person who performs work or provides service to another without expecting anything in return.

You can join us and here you’ll find non-profit organizations supported by Fundación Banco Popular with many volunteer opportunities. To take part simply call the number in the contact information… there is always someone waiting for you.

To see the list of organizations where you can contribute your time, click here.

PREMIA® Points

Click here to donate your PREMIA® points to the Fundación Banco Popular or go to the Philanthropy section of the PREMIA® Catalogue.