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Programa de donativos


We believe that every student is entitled to receive an excellent education and to develop and achieve their full potential. To help make this possible, we give top priority to supporting innovative teaching and learning processes through strategies suitable to different audiences in projects such as:

  • The New School Institute (“Instituto Nueva Escuela”) trains teachers who celebrate learning by focusing on the student and providing them with a peaceful environment in which to learn.
  • Our School (“Nuestra Escuela”) promotes comprehensive education with relevant programs that encourage the return to school and inspire vocational and academic goals in our youth.
  • Santo Domingo Savio Corporation (“Corporación Santo Domingo Savio”), after-school program that provides a safe space where our youth receive homework assistance   while they also develop their talents in the arts and sports.

Three decades of experience in the field of philanthropy have taught us that to have a tangible and lasting impact in the quality of public education, we must support best practices, innovation, and the professional development of teachers.

We support non-profit organizations with projects focusing on the following areas:

  • Scholarships – Monetary endowments to pay for studies at elementary, intermediate and high school levels.
  • Teacher Training – Seminars, workshops and other activities conducive to the professional development of teachers.
  • Arts Education – Initiatives that enhance students’ sensibilities to appreciate the different expressions of the arts.
  • Special education – Education and service activities aimed at students with particular conditions, physical or mental,  that help participants achieve their maximum potential.
  • Vocational education – Programs that teach an occupation and provide the tools to obtain the official valid certification.
  • Mentoring – Individual or collective efforts that foster the involvement of adult volunteers with youth in an informal teaching-learning relationship based on motivation, respect and empathy.
  • School desertion prevention – Effective programs to retain students from first to twelfth grade enrolled in  schools.
  • After-school  and tutoring programs – Assistance outside regular school hours to students in elementary, middle and high school, to promote studying and complete schoolwork.