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Programa de donativos

Join us!

With your economic contribution you can be part of Fundación Banco Popular's work.

How to apply

General guidelines for submission of proposals

The content of the proposals submitted to the Fundación Banco Popular should reflect the deliberate and planned process through which the applicant organization will reach its traced goals. This process should highlight the assumptions made in carrying out the project and the long-term goals that are intended to be achieved.

  • The proposals should focus on educational and community development and service programs guided towards the children and youth of underprivileged communities.
  • The grants will be given in proportion to the available resources, the objectives of each proposal, as well as the potential and the experience of demonstrated results by the applying organization.
  • The foundation will take the initiative of selecting certain programs that to its understanding merit its strategic support through special donations, subject to the foundation’s objectives.
  • Organizations that receive grants from the foundation are required to submit a report of results  obtained within a period of one year.
  • The applying organization will present to the FBP, within the established time frame, a formal proposal, an application form properly filled out and with all the required documentation in order to be considered. required documents, in order to be considered.
  • The established deadlines for the submission of proposals are the following:
    • March 15th – April 15th
    • July 15th – August 15th
    • November 15th – December 15th


Those organizations interested in applying to the Fundación Banco Popular for the first time must complete the Pre Application Form before completing the steps to complete the grant application. To download the Pre-application form click here.

Required documentation in order to be considered.

Proposals submitted in paper, delivered in person or via email will not be accepted.

All supporting documentation must be included as attachments to the online application form.

Steps to follow to apply for funds:

  1. If you are an applicant organization that already has a User Account with the foundation and wish to start a new application, you must go directly to the Application Form..If you are an applicant organization that is new to the foundation’s online process and already have an approved Pre-Application, you must first create a User Account using a valid email address, preferably one that is of general use in the organization. Creating this account will allow you administer the application process, access your application history and complete started application forms. It is important that the password used to create the User Account is saved and known by all employees of the organization that may need access to the Application Form. If the password is lost or forgotten, access the User Account link and click on “Forgot your password? Click here“. After entering the e-mail address used to create the account, the system will automatically send an e-mail with the account password.
  2. We recommend that you review the Application Guide before filling out the online application form. To download the guide, click here.
  3. After creating the User Account you must return to the foundation’s website and access the Application Form.