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Programa de donativos

Hit your Home Run!

Donate to Carlos Delgado’s Extra Bases organization and help the Puerto Rican youth achieve a better future.

Organizations that we supported

Fundación Banco Popular makes grants to projects of non-profit organizations in Puerto Rico that help advance our mission.
EDUCATION Fundación Ajedrez Rafael Ortiz Bonilla Caguas Tel: (787) 745-9318 Learn More
EDUCATION Fundación De Acción Social Resplandor San Juan Tel: (787) 766-9240 Learn More
EDUCATION Fundación Puertorriqueña Síndrome Down San Juan Tel: (787) 691-5070 Learn More
EDUCATION Hogar Colegio La Milagrosa Arecibo Tel: (787) 878-0341 Learn More
COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Hogar Cuna San Cristóbal Caguas Tel: (787) 747-9488 Learn More
EDUCATION Hogar De Niños El Ave María Bayamón Tel: (787) 279-3003 Learn More
EDUCATION Hogar Escuela Sor María Rafaela Bayamón Tel: (787) 785-9586 Learn More
EDUCATION Hogar San José De La Montaña San Juan Tel: (787) 783-3856 Learn More
EDUCATION Hogares Rafaela Ybarra San Juan Tel: (787) 763-1204 Learn More
EDUCATION Hogares Teresa Toda Canóvanas Tel: (787) 886-2060 Learn More