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Programa de donativos

Organizations that we supported

Contribute your time

Your will to serve is the most important donation for us. Knowing that there are people willing to give anything, even their valuable time is gratifying.

Contribute your timeEvery time you see this icon in some organization it means that those projects or programs are available for time donation. For us being part of this effort is full commitment and dedication to a cause that belongs to us as people. When you give your time, you will transform a person's life for ever.
EDUCATION Alianza Para Un Puerto Rico Sin Drogas San Juan Tel: (787) 759-9489 Learn More
EDUCATION Andanza San Juan Tel: (787) 723-1355 Learn More
EDUCATION Asamblea Familiar Virgilio Dávila Bayamón Tel: (787) 269-0325 Learn More
TRAINING FOR THE THIRD SECTOR Asesores Financieros Comunitarios San Juan Tel: (787) 754-1950 Learn More
EDUCATION Asociación Educativa Pro Desarrollo Humano De Culebra Culebra Tel: (787) 742-0259 Learn More
EDUCATION Asociación Hijas De María Auxiliadora San Juan Tel: (787) 726-6081 Learn More
EDUCATION Asociación Pro Juventud Y Comunidad De Barrio Palmas Cataño Tel: (787) 788-5105 Learn More
EDUCATION Asociación Pro Orquesta Sinfónica Carolina Tel: (787) 769-8595 Learn More
EDUCATION Asociación Recreativa Ardec Mayagüez Tel: (787) 805-0064 Learn More
EDUCATION Aspira De Puerto Rico San Juan Tel: (787) 750-0505 Learn More