Popular, Inc. has led this initiative through its corporate foundations, Fundación Banco Popular and Popular Foundation, managing donations from customers, partners, and friends who have contributed to post-disaster recovery efforts in Puerto Rico and neighboring islands.


Embracing the Bahamas

Following Hurricane Dorian, which devastated the Bahamas, the institution led a fundraising campaign to provide immediate assistance, which began with a $100,000 donation fund from Popular, Inc. Over $290,000 in funds were distributed to seven international and local organizations working on the islands' recovery, including the Red Cross, World Central Kitchen, and Direct Relief.

Embracing the South

After the damage caused by the earthquakes in early 2020, including one measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale, we announced the opening of a fundraising account for humanitarian aid, specifically in the southern area of Puerto Rico. The funds raised, including $250,000 initially donated by Popular Inc., were awarded to organizations that provide psychological support, direct services, and essential goods to those affected, including the Centro de Microempresas y Tecnologías Agrícolas Sustentables Yauco (CMTAS), the Red por los Derechos de la Niñez y Juventud, IDIIFCO (the Sisters of Fátima), and others. An essential aspect of the initiative has been the support of students and educators, since the closure of schools after the tremors and their effect on the education of our children and youth has been one of the main challenges for the communities.

COVID-19 Pandemic

Because of the health, social and economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), Fundación Banco Popular activated emergency donations to help partner non-profit organizations continue providing services, remotely.

We also supported the medical community's efforts with a contribution of $500,000 for the purchase of personal protection equipment, such as masks and face shields, and research related to the epidemic and the generation of reliable local data.

To guide and assist small and medium businesses hard hit by the new reality, we offered cash donations and distance learning programs with specialized guides for crisis management.