Fundación Banco Popular gives grants to projects of non-profit organizations in Puerto Rico that help advance our mission of improving the quality of life of all Puerto Ricans. Every project should be directed towards one of the foundation’s focus areas in order to be eligible to receive funds.
We are aware that most of the submitted proposals are aimed at solving real and pressing social problems. Our decision-making process is based on the merits of the project and its consonance with our objectives. For that reason, we will focus our activities and resources priority areas of support in which we can make a significant impact, according to our mission.

Eligible Organizations

Grant applications will be considered for organizations that meet the following requirements:

  • Be a non-profit organization duly registered under the Puerto Rico Department of State or be a government entity empowered by law to receive donations.
  • Be an organization with programs compatible with one of the foundation’s focus areas.
  • Have a Popular employee liaison actively involved in the organization.
  • Have comparative audited financial statements for the last two fiscal years.

Fundación Banco Popular does not make grants for the following purposes:

  • Individuals
  • Travel Expenses
  • Cost of promotions and / or marketing
  • Athletic Leagues
  • Health related expenses