General guidelines for submission of proposals

The content of the proposals submitted to the Fundación Banco Popular should reflect the deliberate and planned process through which the applicant organization will reach its traced goals. This process should highlight the assumptions made in carrying out the project and the long-term goals that are intended to be achieved.

  • The proposals should focus on educational and community development and service programs guided towards the children and youth of underprivileged communities.
  • The grants will be given in proportion to the available resources, the objectives of each proposal, as well as the potential and the experience of demonstrated results by the applying organization.
  • The foundation will take the initiative of selecting certain programs that to its understanding merit its strategic support through special donations, subject to the foundation’s objectives.
  • Organizations that receive grants from the foundation are required to submit an annual results report.
  • The applying organization will present to the Foundation, within the established time frame, a formal proposal, an application form properly filled out and with all the required documentation in order to be considered. required documents, in order to be considered.
  • The established deadlines for the submission of proposals are the following:
    • March 15th – April 15th
    • July 15th – August 15th

Every organization has until the day of the deadline to submit their application. No late entries will be considered. Organizations that are unable to meet the deadline will have to wait until the next available date.  


 If a request has been declined, the Organization must wait at least two years to file a new request.


Before Completing the Application:


  1. Know that you do not have to complete the application form in one step.

– You may use the option of SAVE AND FINISH LATER


  1. To gain access to your partially-completed application form, you must go in to your user account.




Section I. General Information


The first section asks general information about the applicant organization and its administrative personnel. This section includes:


  • Name of applicant organization
  • Postal address and contact information
  • Date of incorporation
  • Subsidiary information
  • Number of employees and volunteers
  • Type of project for which grant is applied for (Please refer to the end of the guide for a complete list of project categories)
  • General budget information
  • Sources of income and additional funds
  • Names and contact information of organization’s primary contacts


Section II. Organization Background


Requires a brief description of the organization that summarizes its operations. Areas to include in this section:


  • Brief history of the organization, mission, and organizational goals
  • A summary of past achievements and project results from the past year


Section III. Project Description


Requires a brief description of the project for which funds are applied for to Fundación Banco Popular. Also, the following questions must be answered:


  • What costs do you look to cover with the solicited grant funds?


Section IV. Problem Definition


This section includes the following questions that will guide you to define the problem to be addressed by your project:


  • What is the problem that is to be addressed?
  • How many people are affected by this problem in the geographic area that is to be impacted?
  • What are the causes that are identified as generating this problem?
  • How does this project contribute to the possible solution of this problem?
  • What impact is hoped to be achieved through this project?
  • What other organizations are currently working in collaboration with you on eradicating this problem? What is being done?


Section V. Population to Impact


This section serves to identify the population that is to be impacted by the project and the number of persons that is to be reached.


Section VI. Budget


Please include, as an attachment to the application form, a detailed budget of the costs of the proposed project. The budget must identify separately, if applicable, contributions in cash and/or equipment and materials made by the organization and/or allied contributors.


Section VII. Expected Results


This section looks to capture the three main expected results of the project. Please use as a guide for answering the examples included in each field. Also, please refer to the table presented below as a visual representation of the information solicited.


  • Time refers to the duration or necessary time frame to reach the expected result.
  • Reach refers to the minimum expected result to be able to consider the objective as reached.
  • Population refers to the total population with which the project will be working.
  • Method/Strategies refers to the activities and/or interventions that will take place to reach the desired result.
  • Result refers to the result that is sought after through the project.



In one year

At least 52 Of the estimated 3,500 school drop-outs and in addition to the 345 already served That participate in the tutoring program and personal support activities Will obtain their high-school diploma


Section VIII. Results Measurement


In this section you must answer the following two questions regarding how success will be measured in the program for which funds are being requested:


  • What method/strategies will be used to measure program results?
  • How will success be defined?


Section IX. Before Submitting the Application


Before hitting SUBMIT, please print out a copy of your completed application form to help you in case of an error in the submission process.


Section X. Required Documents


The following documents are required in order for your application to be considered. Please include them as attachments to your on-line application.


  • Certification that organization does not discriminate on the basis of sex, religion, or political affiliation
  • Names and addresses of the members of the Board of Directors and administrative personnel
  • Audited comparative financial statements for the last two fiscal years
  • Good Standing certificate emitted by the State Department
  • Detailed budget of project costs
  • Letter of endorsement and support prepared by the organization’s Popular employee liaison
  • Document explaining the applying organization’s strategic vision and how it shapes the organization’s programs


*Please only include required attachments. Do not include photographs.

**Attachments in MS Word, Excel or PDF formats (No JPEG’s)





Section X. Project Categories




  • After-school and tutoring programs
  • Special education
  • Arts education
  • Mentoring programs for at-risk populations
  • Alternative education


Economic Development


  • Employment training

Proposals submitted in paper, delivered in person or via email will not be accepted.
All supporting documentation must be included as attachments to the online application form.


New Applications

We appreciate your interest in requesting funds from Banco Popular Foundation. We are currently in the process of evaluating and developing a new strategic plan. Therefore, we will only be evaluating applications from organizations that have been previously approved.

Required documentation in order to be considered.

  • Proposals submitted in paper, delivered in person or via email will not be accepted.
  • All supporting documentation must be included as attachments to the online application form.

Steps to follow to apply for funds:


Those organizations interested in applying to the Fundación Banco Popular for the first time must complete the Pre Application Form.


New organization

Did you make your Pre-Application? If you are an applicant organization that is new to the foundation’s online process and already have an approved Pre-Application, you must first create a User Account using a valid email address, preferably one that is of general use in the organization.


Registered organization

Manage your Applications! If you are an applicant organization that already has a User Account with the Foundation and wish to start a new application, you must go directly to the Application Form.


Creating this account will allow you administer the application process, access your application history and complete started application forms.