Fabiola Muñoz

Aceleración Musical participant

This internship helps you make decisions; it helps you to gain knowledge that not everybody has when they start out. Not everyone knows how to start a business, write or sign a contract, talk to the customer, etc. Music classes are usually technical practices, but here, it becomes a workshop about the business and the industry, which are tremendous, especially for a musician who wants to make a living with their talent. Aceleración Musical shows that we can live from music and study music, that there are many things we can do when we leave our programs and graduate from school.

Individuals interested in donating musical instruments may do so throughout the year via the Fundación Banco Popular, by calling 787.722.7388 or emailing fundacion@popular.com

Apply for instruments!

If you run a public-school music program or non-profit organization with a need for musical instruments, you can apply to our program by completing the Instrument Request Form. The period to apply will be from March 11 to April 19 of 2024. For more information, access the Instrument Application Guide.

María Luisa Ferré

President of the Board of Trustees of the Luis A. Ferré Foundation

One of the main objectives of our Foundation is to promote the development of musical education for young people in Puerto Rico. That is why we are part of this wonderful program. We are proud to know that our contribution helps talented youth have access to resources and tools that will help them develop their careers in the arts.

Armando Rodríguez

advanced composition student, Escuela Libre de Música in Humacao

I didn't know there were computer programs for writing music until I came to the Music Lab. That experience was very important to me.