Popular employees’ will to serve is vital in the work of Fundación Banco Popular. Many employees serve as liaison with the non-profit organizations that are supported by the foundation, multiplying with their work the value of any financial donation. At the same time, a large number of Popular employees participate in corporate activities of community service.
The commitment to the community is reflected through the work of volunteers who give their time to make positive changes in the community and in their own lives. Annually more than 3,000 Popular volunteers invest over 12,000 hours of their personal time in community service initiatives around the island. This group of volunteer employees is joined by friends and family.
The main activities are Make a Difference Day and Share Your Christmas.
Each year our employees also actively participate in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.

“For me, it is a privilege to give of my time in the service of others. More than a benefit to another, it is the self-satisfaction of having contributed to the welfare of a peer. It also gives me the opportunity to be an example for my children, living the value of serving with dedication and love for our neighbors… to leave a mark on the life of another” – L. Reyes

The generosity of Popular employees is manifested each year with the voluntary contribution each one makes through payroll deductions. Popular employees contribute financially to the Fundación, showing their commitment to the community.
Since 1999, an average of 70% of Popular employees in Puerto Rico have contributed to the foundation with a total contribution of $4,500,000.