What is an Employee Liaison?
An employee liaison is an employee of Popular who knows the mission of Fundación Banco Popular and is involved with the work of a non-profit organization supported by the foundation. It is a requirement, as part of a proposal’s evaluation process, that the applicant organization count with an employee liaison of Popular.
The employee’s role as a liaison includes, among other things, to:

  • Actively participate in the work of the nonprofit organization
  • Communicate to co-workers and to the foundation the activities and achievements of this organization
  • Support the organization in its grant application process to Fundación Banco Popular

Much of the employee’s role is determined by the employee and the organization themselves, working together. Even if the employee can only spend a few hours a week or a month working with an organization, it is important to provide feedback on the work of the organization, its participants and its programs.
An employee liaison can support the organization in several ways. Examples:

  • Attend the organization’s activities
  • Be a part of the Board of Directors or a committee
  • Volunteer in the organization’s programs
  • Assist in fundraising efforts
  • Work as liaison with other organizations
  • Help identify and submit proposals: state, federal or other

Promote and provide exposure to the organization among peers and executives