In order to improve the quality of life and provide tools and knowledge useful to our community, we have developed tools that can be adopted for education and outreach purposes. Each one addresses a different audience but with the same goal: to multiply positive outcomes.

Mirada Colectiva

We are committed to creating new spaces that allow the exchange of knowledge as well as a responsible and respectful dialogue with and between the non-profit organizations which we support.


Pillars for Growth

Through a partnership with the Leader to Leader Foundation of USA, the Argentina Commitment Foundation and the University of the Sacred Heart, we developed the guide ” Pillars for Growth: self-assessment tool for Third Sector organizations.” This guide provides a practical and summarized document for organizations to undertake a simple self-assessment process to refine their mission and vision, identify strengths and weaknesses, and identify challenges and opportunities.

With the assistance of a planning professional or on their own, organizations can undertake a simple and complete review process that will result in an improvement of their activities

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