The Community of Ciencia Puerto Rico

April 23, 2021

“The pandemic has been a great test and has validated the importance of having a connected and empowered scientific community. Faced with the emergency, our community of more than 14,000 scientists came together to support the needs of students, teachers and, above all, citizens,” said Giovanna Guerrero-Medina, PhD, Executive Director of Ciencia Puerto Rico.

Since 2006, Ciencia Puerto Rico has been connecting the scientific community in Puerto Rico and abroad. Through its initiatives, the organization focuses on three key areas: science communication, teacher training, and empowering people in science-related careers. Uniting all these efforts makes it possible to democratize science and spread scientific knowledge in Puerto Rico.

“The people of Puerto Rico needed information about the pandemic, and we heeded their call. Since March of last year, we have published numerous stories in local newspapers, all written by experts in science and public health.” In addition, the Ciencia Puerto Rico community made itself available to the island’s press to offer guidance on the topic of COVID-19 and the scientific concepts to be discussed in their communications.

Fundación Banco Popular has supported Ciencia Puerto Rico since its inception, fostering teacher training.

“We want all children to have access to an education in which science is fun —and it all starts with teachers. Considering the challenge, Fundación Banco Popular has provided us with organizational support to continue our mission. We were able to digitize our resources so education would not be interrupted, impacting more than 300 educators, and benefiting more than 9,000 students.”

Today, Ciencia Puerto Rico has a collection of educational resources on managing COVID-19. It is available at