Foundation Fights for the Empowerment of Women

April 23, 2021

“The best way to honor women, during Women’s Month and always, is for them to be respected. That their voice be respected, that their person be respected, and therefore, that their work has the same value as that of men,” said Elba Montalvo, co-founder of Fundación de Mujeres en Puerto Rico (FMnPR).

The Foundation (FMnPR) was born after Hurricane María struck the island and is a pioneer in achieving collaboration between women in the diaspora and in Puerto Rico. Its mission is to support economic and physical security, health, reproductive autonomy, the general empowerment of women, girls, and gender-fluid people in Puerto Rico, in addition to promoting social justice.

FMnPR awards grants to non-profit organizations that offer services to women, such as the Red de Albergues de Violencia Doméstica (Domestic Violence Shelter Network) and the Asociación de Mujeres Agroempresarias de Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico Agricultural Businesswomen’s Association). “A particularly gratifying experience was making it possible for women in the Red de Albergues de Violencia Doméstica to give Christmas gifts to their children. When you help women, you help families and the entire community,” Montalvo added.

Fundación Banco Popular (FBP) provides FMnPR with the opportunity to be part of the Collaboration and Social Innovation Community, located in the coworking space available at the FBP’s headquarters, where they have had meetings and exchanged ideas with other entities working on behalf of social change.