We work hand in hand with our communities to promote their social and economic development.



We believe that every human being has the right and responsibility to lead a life of dignity in a prosperous community.

Vision of Fundación Banco Popular


Fundación Banco Popular seeks to enhance the quality of life of Puerto Ricans by promoting access to education and self-governance opportunities that foster excellence, ethics and civic responsibility.

Mission of Fundación Banco Popular
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Our Impact

Since the creation of Fundación Banco
Popular in 1979, we have:

Invested over

$50 million

in community impact
Supported over


around the island

Developed initiatives that promote

social investment,

musical talent, collaboration and social innovation,
student support and disaster response.


Focus Areas


Excellence in Education

We promote excellence in education, supporting innovative projects that encourage inclusion and stimulate a well-rounded education.

Excellence in Education

Community Development

We collaborate with organizations and communities that propose solutions to society’s most pressing challenges, while promoting their social and economic well-being.

Community Development

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